The Deschutes River Is The People’s River! Rafting On Your Public Lands

The Bureau Of Land Management (BLM) administers more of your public lands–over 245 million surface acres mostly in the west–than any other federal agency in the United States. The BLM is the primary caretaker of your tax sponsored public lands which includes the the Lower Deschutes Wild and Scenic River in Central Oregon, a river that we know very well with decades of experience honing our craft on and perfecting what we believe is the standard in quality and safety for whitewater rafting on the Lower Deschutes River..Your river.

Whitewater rafting has evolved over the years and it’s no longer just extreme sports enthusiasts, adrenaline junkies, or weekend warriors looking for the thrill and rush that whitewater rafting offers. People from all backgrounds and ability levels are answering the call of the wild and are discovering whitewater rafting for the first time with High Desert River Outfitters as their guide on a Deschutes Rafting experience. We know this river well and we take great care and pride in providing a trip thats perfect for everyone. Check out our recent blog 5 Ways to Have a Fun and Safe Whitewater Rafting Trip for great information you’ll need to prepare for a whitewater rafting experience with us on the the Deschutes River. And, check back here on our blog regularly as we will also spend some time showcasing each one of the rivers throughout Oregon and Washington that we provide professional guide services for in order to give you the information and background that will give you a deeper appreciation and understanding of your public lands and the rivers that flow through them.

With the growing popularity of whitewater rafting as a fun and safe way to experience your public lands and because the BLM does regulate and limit the number of users, it’s never too early to start planning your Deschutes Rafting trip. The most desirable days and dates during peak summer season will sell out first, so don’t miss out on that perfect day or date and visit our website highdesertriver.com where you can check availability and book online or call our office 1-800-461-5823 to speak with one of our awesome staff members who will help guide you in planning the perfect Deschutes Rafting trip.

High Desert River Outfitters is proud to be your full service river outfitter combining our decades of experience on the Lower Deschutes River, top of the line equipment, and our team of professionally trained river guides to create a fun, safe, and memorable whitewater rafting experience for the whole family. High Desert River Outfitters has been granted a special use permit by the office of the BLM to offer professionally guided whitewater rafting experiences along this stretch of protected river corridor for the last 20+ years.