Overnight Checklist

Recommended Equipment & Clothing Checklist

Multi-Day Trip

We provide one waterproof dry bag for every two guests. Our dry bags hold five cubic feet of gear (equivalent to the capacity of two kitchen garbage bags), large enough for two lightweight sleeping bags, pads, tent and two personal gear bags. Please pack light, gear should not exceed 25 lbs for a summer trip, with all personal items in one small duffel, soft-sided unit, or plastic garbage bag (no hard-sided suitcases, glass or breakables, please).

Overnight Gear Checklist

  • Sleeping Bag & Pillow – lightweight/backpack type
  • Sleeping Pad/Air Mattress – backpack type
  • Tent – lightweight/backpack type
  • Shoes –1 pair sandals/old tennis shoes to get wet & 1 pair to wear in camp
  • Socks – 1 or 2 pair to wear in camp
  • Shorts/Swimsuit – 1 or 2 pair (preferably non-cotton)
  • Long Pants – 1 pair to wear in camp
  • T-Shirts – 2 or 3 for changing
  • Underwear, etc.
  • Windbreaker Jacket/Pants – preferably nylon
  • Towel – small
  • Sweater/Sweatshirt – 1 to wear in camp
  • Sun Visor/Hat – optional
  • Sunglasses – with strap or leash
  • Sunscreen Lotion & Chapstick
  • Plastic Zip-Lock Bags – optional, great for stowing wet gear, sandy tennis shoes, camera, etc.
  • Flashlight or Head Lamp – small, light weight
  • Hand Towel/Bio Soap – optional
  • Personal Water Bottle – recommended/optional
  • Insect Repellent – spring trips
  • Alcoholic Beverages – optional, to be consumed only while on shore; no alcohol allowed in boats per BLM regulations; HDRO will supply cooler w/ice when given advance notice
  • Waterproof Disposable Camera – available for purchase…$15.00
  • Personal Care Gear – toothbrush, aspirin, feminine hygiene supplies, etc.

Optional Gear

  • Any special beverages (cans or plastic containers only)
  • Snack food
  • Water fighting artillery
  • Fishing gear (please don’t forget to purchase a fishing license)
  • Books and magazines

Closing Thoughts

Remember that you are only going overnight and that dry-bag space is limited. Please pack your gear in soft bags (no hard suitcases or anything of that type) and pack lightly. You are in the wilderness and not much is needed to have a great time out there!

*We will provide a cooler and ice for beverages on each raft.
** Tents & Sleeping Bags can be rented for your trip for an additional $5.00 per item.
*** Alcoholic beverages will be transported on the gear raft and are only allowed to be consumed while at camp.