Deschutes Anglers Anxiously Wait For The Annual Spring Stonefly Hatch

Springtime on the lower Deschutes River is one of the best times of the year to cast dry flies for fighting redside trout as they prowl for two types of stoneflies that begin to hatch and emerge from the rocky river bottom and take flight. The giant orange stonefly (Pteronarcys californica) measures almost 3 inches long and it’s slightly smaller cousin the golden stonefly (Hesperoperla pacifica) can grow up to 2 ½ inches and the trout go berserk for both of these bugs throwing caution to the wind and gorging themselves during the prolific spring hatch.

Hooking into a Deschutes Redside is an awesome experience.

Anglers who are familiar with this seasonal feeding frenzy will plan months in advance to have a chance to experience the thrill of hooking the large and aggressive reside trout with a dry fly the size of your little finger! During the hatch the stoneflies will number in the thousands per river mile and their numbers are matched by the trout that feed on them. I have even heard of local fishing guides on the Deschutes experimenting with preparing the large flies in batter and frying them until crisp and making tacos!

The large dry flies are easy to see on the surface and trout devour them relentlessly.

Anglers turn out in droves during this annual event and there is more than enough action to go around for everyone. Although some of the more easily accessible sections of the river above or below the town of Maupin can see lots of activity there are miles and miles of secluded riverbanks that are best reached by a boat.

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