Upper Klamath River Rafting

The Upper Klamath River rafting trip, crossing the border between Oregon and California, is the most thrill-packed commercial rafting trip Oregon has to offer. Upper Klamath river rafting is runnable year round, and provides the perfect balance for those wanting to move up from class III whitewater. The first five miles of class III rapids are perfect training for the second five miles of class IV-V rapids. The last five miles are an easy class II letting you relax after the adrenaline surge.

HRDO is able to accommodate most special needs on our trips. Because of the serious nature of the Upper Klamath rafting trips we are unable to be as flexible and hope you appreciate our desire to make sure our guests are safe. Because of this, we have a minimum age of 16 and ask that any participants be able-bodied and can swim. Please ask us about any concerns you may have about our safety guidelines and available equipment.


Our rafts are new, state-of-the-art, and equipped with all the essential river accessories that are necessary for a safe and successful trip, including life-jackets, paddles, oars, dry bags, frames, ropes, etc. In addition, we provide all the necessary permits and insurance before each trip.

Gourmet Deli Lunches

LunchRafting the river takes a lot of energy! That’s why our guides prepare all your meals (included in the price) and take care of all the clean-up afterward.
We provide our famous gourmet deli lunches so when you’re having the time of your life, you can have the perfect mid-adventure break with your companions and fellow rafters.

Inflatable Kayaks

We offer inflatable kayaks for our customers who want the freedom and flexibility of a kayak trip. Follow (or lead) your rafting group and enjoy the river at your own pace. Kayaks are a great idea for those adventurous folks looking to brave the rapids on their own! Kayaks give you the freedom and room you need to enjoy the high desert scenery.

Upper Klamath River Rafting Trips

HDRO offers the following guided rafting trips on the Upper Klamath River:

Upper Klamath 1-Day Trip ~ 17 Miles

HDRO upThis 17-mile Klamath river rafting trip begins just below the Boyle Powerhouse and ends near Copco Lake. Along with spectacular canyons and wildlife experiences, you will plunge headlong into class IV-V whitewater. This trip will stretch you mentally and physically and is the most intense float HDRO offers. Because of its nature we have an age minimum of 16 and will provide you with wetsuits and helmets along with life jackets. Our “Gourmet Deli” lunch will be provided mid way thru the trip.  The meeting place for most trips on the upper Klamath river is in Ashland at 9:00am.

(Deli Lunch included in price):

Adult: $149.00


Day Trips