Rogue River Rafting Trips

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Our guided Rogue River rafting trips in Southern Oregon are on one of the most famous river rafting sections in the United States, drawing people nationally and internationally every year. The Rogue River is a charter member of the National Wild and Scenic designation to preserve it in a historical state.

HRDO is able to provide the highest quality guided Rogue River rafting trips. Our Rogue River rafting trips are customized to fit your groups’ needs. We have a trip to suit any group; from short, high-adrenaline trips to longer multi-day runs through the Wild and Scenic section, we can accommodate any need.


Our rafts are new, state-of-the-art and equipped with all the essential river accessories that are necessary for a safe and successful trip, including life-jackets, paddles, oars, dry bags, frames, ropes, etc. In addition, we provide all the necessary permits and insurance before each trip.

Inflatable Kayaks

We offer inflatable kayaks for our customers who want the freedom and flexibility of a kayak trip. Follow (or lead) your rafting group and enjoy the river at your own pace. Kayaks are a great idea for those adventurous folks looking to brave the rapids on their own! Kayaks give you the freedom and room you need to enjoy the high-desert scenery.

Gourmet Deli Lunches

LunchRafting the river takes a lot of energy! That’s why our guides prepare all your meals (included in the price) and take care of all the clean-up afterward.

We provide our famous gourmet deli lunches for when you’re having the time of your life.  A great lunch provides the perfect mid-adventure break with your companions and fellow rafters!

Rogue River Rafting Trips

HDRO offers the following guided rafting trips on the Rogue River:

Rogue River 1/2 Day Nugget Trip ~ 8 Miles

HDRO landing This short run will expose you not only to great wildlife like eagles, osprey, and deer, but also to some class IV rapids you will remember for years to come. You’ll meet us at Gold Hill, a small town north of Grants Pass, where we’ll take you to the put-in, raft to the take-out, and provide you with a generous snack afterward. This is a short trip that we run three times a day to accommodate your schedule.

Adult: $75.00 Junior: $65.00 (14 and under)

Rogue River Full Day Hells Gate Trip ~ 16 Miles

HDRO upThis 16-mile day trip begins at Hog Creek and ends at Grave Creek. Along with spectacular canyons and wildlife experiences, you will get to see where parts of the movie The River Wild were filmed. This trip is a calmer float perfect for families with younger children or those wanting to do nothing more than relax on the river. We offer the option to paddle down with our experienced guide, or let the guide row you so you have nothing to worry about.

(Deli Lunch included in price):

Adult: $109.00 Junior: $89.00 (14 and under)

Rogue River 3-Day Trip ~ 39 Miles

HDRO splashThis is the premier multi-day trip in Oregon on one of the original rafting rivers. The Wild and Scenic designation ensures the river retains the rich history of Native American habitation, gold prospecting in the 19th century, and the struggle settlers endured in this harsh country. You’ll spend three days viewing breathtaking vistas and incredible canyons at every turn while enjoying gourmet meals and the warm weather. The meeting place for this trip is the Galice Resort at 7:30AM the day of the trip. The shuttle for this trip is not included so contact the Galice Resort to make arrangements. The price is around $120 per car.

(All Meals included in price) :

Adult: $775.00 Junior: $645.00 (14 and under)

Rogue River 4-Day Trip ~ 47 Miles

HDRO CalmWe start at the historic town of Galice and raft 8 miles of beautiful water before entering the Wild and Scenic section on the Rogue. You’ll float through world famous rapids, enjoy the quiet splendor of the canyons, and tread where presidents and movie stars have gone before. There are no bad pictures on the Rogue River and you will have the experience of a lifetime. The meeting place for this trip is the Galice Resort at 7:30AM the day of the trip. The shuttle for this trip is not included so contact the Galice Resort to make arrangements. The price is around $120 per car.

Adult: $875.00 Junior: $745.00 (14 and under)

Trip Calendar

Trip Date / # of Days Camp or Lodge Trip Number of Openings
May 18th / 3 day  Camp Trip 10
May 19th / 3 day  Camp Trip 10
May 22nd / 3 day  Camp Trip 10
May 27th / 4 day  Camp Trip 10
May 28th / 3 day  Camp Trip 10
Aug 25th / 4 day  Camp Trip 20
Sept 5th / 3 day  Camp Trip 10
Sept 10th / 4 day  Camp Trip 10
Sept 22nd / 3 day  Camp Trip 10
Sept 27th / 3 day  Camp Trip 10
Oct 11th / 3 day  Camp Trip 10
Oct 16th / 3 day  Camp Trip 10
Oct 21th / 3 day  Camp Trip 10
Oct 26th / 3 day  Camp Trip 10
Oct 31st / 3 day  Camp Trip 10


Overnight & Multi-Day Trips