Rafts, Inflatable Kayaks & Gear

*All rentals include Personal Floating Devices (PFD)

Raft Size / Paddle or Oar Config Weekday Price  / Weekend Price
12 ft. Self Bailing  (paddle) Raft $85/day           /   $100/day
14 ft. Self Bailing (paddle) Raft $95/day           /   $110/day
14 ft. Self Bailing (oar setup) Raft $115/day   /  $130/day
Weekday Price  / Weekend Price
10 ft. Self Bailing Infl. Kayak  single/double $29/day/$39/day /$39day/$49/day
Price is U-haul to and from our shop $250 security deposit req.
Groover River Bank Toilet $15/day
Aluminum Dry Boxes $20/day
Rescue Throw Rope $5/day
Coolers 80 qt. $10/day
120 qt. $15/day