McKenzie River Rafting Trips

McKenzie River rafting is possibly Central Oregon’s most popular guided river trip due to its beauty, the variety of whitewater, the superb trout and salmon fishing, and its proximity to Bend, Eugene and other Oregon cities.
McKenzie River rafting is an adventure with many different whitewater sections, and the easy access gives something for every level of boater.
Beginning on the slopes of the Western Cascades the river descends in crystal clear torrents through lush green forests down into the McKenzie Valley. The mountains around the river offer some of the most scenic and varied hiking in the Pacific Northwest.

The most popular McKenzie River rafting section for whitewater boaters is the 36 miles from Ollalie Campground to just above Leaburg Dam. The upper stretch between Ollalie and Blue River is a favorite for kayakers as it offers almost non-stop rapids.

HDRO offers a variety of guided rafting trips on the McKenzie River to suit your needs – ranging from relaxing family outings to high-adrenaline whitewater adventures. We provide wet suits, splash jackets and booties for these trips.


Our rafts are new, state-of-the-art, and equipped with all the essential river accessories that are necessary for a safe and successful trip, including life jackets, paddles, oars, dry bags, frames, ropes, etc. In addition, we provide all the necessary permits and insurance before each trip.

Inflatable Kayaks

We offer inflatable kayaks for our customers who want the freedom and flexibility of a kayak trip. Follow (or lead) your rafting group, and enjoy the river at your own pace. Kayaks are a great idea for those adventurous folks looking to brave the rapids on their own! Kayaks give you the freedom and room you need to enjoy the high desert scenery.

Gourmet Deli Lunches

LunchRafting the river takes a lot of energy! That’s why our guides prepare all your meals (included in the price) and take care of the clean-up afterward.
We provide our gourmet deli lunch that includes salads, fruit, veggies and dessert. When you’re having the time of your life, a great lunch provides the perfect mid-adventure break with your companions and fellow rafters.

McKenzie River Rafting Trips

HDRO offers the following guided rafting trips on the McKenzie River:

Mckenzie River 1-Day Trip~18 Miles


HDRO 6-22-13c_0026Thank you for inquiring about our one day Mckenzie River rafting adventure! The towering Douglas fir, giant ferns and hanging mosses of the McKenzie River corridor provide a beautiful backdrop to this pristine, clear running river. We meet@ 10:00am and start at Frissell boat launch on Hwy 126, with a thorough on-shore training session by our knowledgeable, company-certified guides. Without delay, your adventure will begin.

Immediately upon entering the river we experience almost non-stop rapids. As the river rushes on, we begin admiring the McKenzie’s unrivaled scenery and a few miles down river we encounter Belknap Hot Springs where plumes of steam can be seen on river right. The hot water is piped into the pools at Belknap Lodge & Hot Springs. Many a guest have taken the plunge into these warm, relaxing pools after concluding their day with us on the much cooler waters of the McKenzie. Belknap offers an hourly rate for just this purpose.

We race past Paradise Campground where the river takes on a drop and pool character, offering a long boulder garden where the bouncy, roller-coaster effect of these boulders will thrill you as we view some of the spectacular homes along the lush green banks of the river.

The river continues its course westward twisting, turning, and plunging through the Willamette National Forest. After we pass through the riverside town of McKenzie Bridge we’ll be greeted with a tasty deli style lunch at McKenzie Bridge Campground that will replenish and give us a much needed boost for the second half of our rafting adventure down the McKenzie River. (Lunch is only provided on the full day trip.)

Our float comes to an end at Forest Glen boat landing where our van awaits you to transport you back to your vehicles at the Frissell boat ramp by 4:00 pm, allowing ample time to get home before dark.

This is an adventure for any river enthusiast and one you won’t want to miss. If you have any questions, please give us a call. We look forward to boating with you soon!

Adult: $85.00 Junior: $75.00 (14 and under)


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