Klickitat River Rafting

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The Klickitat River is a tributary of the Columbia River, running for nearly 75 miles in south-central Washington. It drains the melting snow pack on the eastern side of the Cascade Range northeast of Portland, Oregon.


Our rafts are new, state-of-the-art, and equipped with all the essential river accessories that are necessary for a safe and successful trip, including life-jackets, paddles, oars, dry bags, frames, ropes, etc. In addition, we provide all the necessary permits and insurance before each trip.

Gourmet Deli Lunches

LunchRafting the river takes a lot of energy! That’s why our guides prepare all your meals (included in the price) and take care of the clean-up afterward.
We provide our gourmet deli lunch so when you’re having the time of your life you can enjoy the perfect mid-adventure break with your companions and fellow rafters.

Inflatable Kayaks

We offer inflatable kayaks for our customers who want the freedom and flexibility of a kayak trip. Follow (or lead) your rafting group and enjoy the river at your own pace. Kayaks are a great idea for those adventurous folks looking to brave the rapids on their own! Kayaks give you the freedom and room you need to enjoy the high desert scenery.

Klickitat River Rafting Trips

HDRO offers the following guided rafting trips on the Klickitat River:

Klickitat River Rafting ~ 18 Miles

We are proud to offer awesome Klickitat whitewater rafting trips, this is one of Washington States most exciting rivers. This is an early season trip for people looking for that extra thrill. Klickitat River rafting offers breath taking scenery as well as great whitewater.

With virtually no access to the steep canyons, basalt cliffs, twisted lava formations, and oak forests other than the put-in and take-out, this is the ideal river run for rafters who want to experience the magic of a pristine wilderness river trip.

Klickitat River rafting is a 5-hour, one day trip that includes a “Gourmet Deli”  lunch after the trip.

This guided rafting trip is available between April 1st and June 15, so reserve early!
(depending on water level this trip is between 18&21 miles in length)

Adult: $90.00 Junior: $85 (14 and under)


Day Trips