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Deschutes River Rafting Trips

Central Oregon's mighty Deschutes River is one of the most popular Oregon whitewater rafting venues, and for good reason. White Horse, Buckskin Mary, Trout Creek, Boxcar, and other colorfully named rapids stud the river's course, amidst the breathtaking scenery of the Deschutes River Canyon.

HDRO offers a variety of guided rafting trips on the Deschutes river to suit your needs, ranging from relaxing family outings to high-adrenaline whitewater adventures. We provide wetsuits, splash jackets and booties for these trips.

Our rafts are all new state of the art, equipped with all the essential river accessories that are necessary for a safe and successful trip, including life-jackets, paddles, oars, dry bags, frames, ropes, etc. In addition, we provide all the necessary permits and insurance before each trip.

Gourmet Deli & Barbeque Lunches
Rafting the river takes a lot of energy, that's why our guides prepare all your meals (included in the price) and take care of all the clean-up afterward.

We provide our famous gourmet Deli Lunches and Back Country Barbeque Lunches. When you're having the time of your life, a great lunch provides the perfect mid-adventure break with your companions and fellow rafters.

Deschutes River Map

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Half-Day Trip ~ 13 Miles

This 3-hour trip is a great experience for the novice as well as rafters who desire a high desert adventure. This is our most affordable trip for those who want to make a quick splash and get back to camp to enjoy the rest of the day. Because this trip is short, lunch is not included. We run this trip 3 times a day on Friday and Sunday, then 2 times a day the rest of the week. 1st @9:30am the 2nd @11:30am and 3rd @ 1:30pm
Available on the Deschutes River only.

Cost per person per day:

Adult: $60.00

(Boaterpass not included)

Junior: $55.00 (14 and under)

(Boaterpass not included)
(see specials page for $10 off weekdays coupon)

Preparation Checklist

Classic Day Trip ~ 14 Miles

This 14-mile day trip begins at Longbend (5 miles South of Maupin) and ends at Sandy Beach. This stretch of the Deschutes River contains several of the best whitewater rapids, including the Boxcar, Oak Springs and Elevator rapids. We stop half-way to serve up our classic river-deli lunch. After lunch we will stop for some extra fun at the white river natural water slides.

Cost per person per day:
(Barbeque Hamburger Lunch included in price)

Junior: $70.00 (14 and under)

(see specials page for $10 off weekdays coupon)

Preparation Checklist

Ultimate Day Trip ~ 18 Miles
This exciting full-day river trip includes 14 miles from Longbend (5 miles South of Maupin) to Sandy Beach, and also includes four extra bonus miles of river below Shears Falls, for a total trip of 18 miles. One of the best values around, it offers less crowded conditions and our delicious Back Country Barbeque Lunch, which is included in the price. The Ultimate Day Trip is a popular choice for those who want to maximize their day on the river. River rafting never tasted so good!

Cost per person per day:

(Barbeque Chicken Lunch included in price)

Adult:   $85.00
Junior:  $80.00 (14 and under)                           

(see specials page for $10 off weekdays coupon)

Preparation Checklist

Two-Day Trip ~47 Miles
In this trip we offer two options, Trout Creek to Sandy Beach or Buckhollow to the mouth of the Deschutes River. Both overnight rafting trips are very popular, and include numerous exciting rapids. All meals will be provided (beginning with breakfast the first day and ending with lunch the final day). This is our most popular extended trip. Whichever option you choose, you can count on plenty of exciting rapids and our best riverside cuisine.

Cost per person:
(All Meals included in price)

Adult (Sat-Sun): $295.00
Adult (Mon-Fri):  $250.00
Junior(All Days) $220.00 (14 and under)

Preparation Checklist

Overnight Gear Checklist

Three-Day Trip ~ 55 Miles

This popular trip starts at Warm Springs and continues 55 miles to Sandy Beach. Fewer miles on the river each day allows more free time at camp to relax, hike, fish or just enjoy the sun and scenery. Some exciting rapids you will encounter are White-Horse, Buckskin Mary, Boxcar, and Oak Springs. All meals will be provided (beginning with breakfast the first day and ending with lunch the final day).

Cost per person: 

Adult: (Fri-Sun)     $400.00 
Adult: (Mon-Thur)  $350.00
Junior:(All Days)  $320.00  (14 and under)

Preparation Checklist
Overnight Gear Checklist

Trip Comparison
Deschutes River
Half-Day Trip

(runs 2 or 3 timesper day-9:30am,11:30am &1:30pm)
12 Miles $60.00 (+Boaterpass) $55.00 (+Boaterpass)
Deschutes River
Classic Day Trip

(10:30am - 3:30pm)
    14 Miles
Deschutes River
Ultimate Day Trip
(9:30am - 4:00pm)
    18 Miles
Deschutes River
Two-Day Trip
    47 Miles
$295/sat-sun $250/mon-fri
$220.00/all days
Deschutes River
Three-Day Trip
    55 Miles
$400/fri-sun $350/mon-thur 
$320.00/all days
Deschutes River
Five-Day Trip
(combo: 3day upper + 2day lower river)
     95 Miles $600/all days $500/all days
*Cost shown is per person per day.(subject to change)
*Prices may vary depending on your age and meal choices.

Inflatable Kayaks

We offer inflatable kayaks for our customers who want the freedom and flexibility of a kayak trip. Follow (or lead) your rafting group and enjoy the river at your own pace. Kayaks are a great idea for those adventurous folks looking to brave the rapids on their own! Kayaks give you the freedom and room you need to enjoy the high-desert scenery.

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